About Our Class

Welcome to Ngon Vietnam, a unique culinary experience!


Part of experiencing and understanding a new culture is through food! From the sights, sounds, and aromas of the local market to creating something ngon (ngon means 'delicious' in Vietnamese!) in the kitchen. Your experience is one not to be forgotten!

Your culinary journey starts off with you or your group being picked up at your hotel and then taking a short drive to our home for a relaxing drink and short meeting. After that we visit the famous Đồng Xuân market to explore and buy ingredients. Once your memorable market tour is finished, we'll head back over to our private kitchen for a relaxing and fun cooking class. Coffee, beer, and water are included as well as recipes and a special parting gift.

Ngon Vietnam cooking class is located within a 10 minute walk from the famous Đồng Xuân Market. We open the doors of our home for you to enjoy an intimate and private cooking experience. Our classroom has a balcony overlooking a busy and bustling street near the Old Quarter for you to enjoy. You won’t want to miss this authentic, Vietnamese cooking experience!