Pick a Recipe

 As an individual or group, students will decide on 1 salad recipe, 1 spring roll recipe and 1 main dish recipe to prepare and cook during class. If you book as a single student or private class, you get to pick all 3 recipes yourself. 

 Please include which salad, spring roll and main dish recipe you want to prepare and cook in your   

e-mail when booking a class. If you're the only student booked, we'll notify you so you can choose all 3 recipes :) Subject to change with private classes. Fees listed are per person. Single or private students pay $50 flat.


*Please note the class fee is listed next to the main dish recipes and additional prices are listed next to fresh spring rolls and fried crab spring rolls.



*(V)Vegetarian options available

Salads (xà lách)

 ❀ Chicken salad (Nộm gà)

 ❀ Papaya salad w/ dried beef or shrimp (Nộm đu đủ bò khô) (V)

 ❀ Fried Eggplant salad (sa lát cà tím chiên) (V)

                                                                              Springs Rolls

 ❀ Fresh spring rolls w/ herbs, vegetables, fruit, shrimp, and pork wrapped in rice paper (gỏi cuốn) (V) $5 extra per person

 ❀ Fried spring rolls w/ pork and vegetables (Nem rán)

 ❀ Fried spring rolls w/ crab and vegetables (Nem rán cua) $5 extra per person

 ❀ Fried spring rolls w/ mushrooms (Nem nấm) (V)

 ❀ Fried springs rolls tofu and vegetables (Nem rau) (V)

Main Dish

 ❀ Phở bò (beef) noodle soup $50

 ❀ Bún chả (Grilled pork patties and belly with rice vermicelli, herbs and dipping sauce) $45

 ❀ Grilled Fish w/ dill (Chả Cá Lã Vọng) $45

 ❀ Vietnamese pancakes w/ pork and shrimp (Bánh xèo) $45

 ❀ Vegetarian noodle soup (Bún chay) (V) $40

 ❀ Tofu w/ tomato sauce (Đậu phụ cà chua) (V) $35


**Please let us know if you have any food allergies or special dietary restrictions ** 

For more information on services offered at Ngon Vietnam, please contact us.